Not a Journal About Squirrels

Deal with it.

Who am I?

The job description says "games programmer ticky-box operating systems for mobile phones software engineer technical author for a mobile phone operating system stay at home mother to two beautiful little girlsmother of four children including a little boy with ASD/PDA and I work full time as a lead technical author/software engineer for a major graphics chip designer :D AND a custom family portrait photographer (no longer!), livejournal says "for god's sake, stop taking photos and live in the moment for once!" and the mirror says "female, despite previously doing geeky jobs, due to the whole spawning four children and being at home with them full-time for eight years" thing

What do I do?

When they let me out from work home, I used to go round collecting goths to add to my collection, but now seek out other parents. Me and The Steven (who happens to be my husband) are also parents to our gorgeous three daughters and one son, following several drama-filled pregnancies, one costing everyone except us around a quarter of a million dollars or something. We are also the proud long-suffering keepers of two lovely kittens cats, Flash and Sidcup who I try and get celebrities to retweet to my amusement.

I only bother going out and seeing people so I can find stuff to write in my livejournal that isn't complaining about trivial rubbish, and taking lots of photos, so expect meaningless crap about the accidents, or otherwise, I may have been involved in.

Other stuff:

I grew up in Cornwall, and randomly found myself in London in 2002 [the last place I ever wanted to be until that point, and even after that point] and found it wasn't that bad after all, so now I am now seeking to make the most of it for a while, before eventually running away to join the circus. Or hiding in suburbia or something.

As well as taking copious amounts of photos of things and people, I was known for updating my livejournal from as many pub toilets (preferably Wetherspoons) and have been known to drag a video camera to some places when appropriate. I also seem to like setting fire to things; normally when it's not appropriate. Sadly, this hasn't happened for many a year.

I run one community - burning_things for times when life gets a little out of hand, and another community - extreme_lj for when I am in Wetherspoons toilets and other exciting places to update from.

In order to record the various incidents and accidents I commit visually, I also have a Photo Blog .rss feed - lizardblog [powered by the lovely moblg.net] and fed evil materials by my beloved and much-abused Nokia 7650 - nope - despised and much-criticised Sony Ericsson P900 - nope - wonderful and much-adored Nokia 9500 camera phone - nope - Nokia N93 camera/video phone - nope - Nokia N95 camera/video/GPS/Intarweb etc etc phone - nope - I defected to an iPhone as the N97 seemed a bit pants :-( this is so out of date, I've got through about six phones since. Sigh.

I ran the London Marathon on behalf of the Miscarriage Association in April 2010. You can follow my public progress at my blog Brave or Foolish, or alternatively donate on my JustGiving Page. All support, mental, emotional or donational(!) is very welcomed!

When not juggling children, I juggle other people's children by no longer being a custom family portrait photographer with my old closed business Silver Ash Photography. I started the business in the early part of 2010 and it went very well, but people wanted to pay fiddypee and working from home sucks. Fan it on Facebook.

Unless you're someone bad and wrong, if you add me as a friend I'll most probably add you back! Just leave a comment saying how you found me/why you're adding me because it would be nice to know, like.


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Yes, still breastfeeding babies since number 1 was born:

I'm taking part in the Virgin London Marathon 2010 for the Miscarriage Association. Please read my blog at http://www.braveorfoolish.org.uk or visit my JustGiving page.

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If you ever need to contact me, and you are on my friends list, you can find my contact details [here]

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