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Welcome to my journal. It's been friends-only for quite a while now, not because I have anything particularly salacious or intriguing to hide, I'm afraid. No, it's the more traditional reason of knowing that anybody out there could read what I have to write, and not everybody is entirely a nice person, and even seemingly innocuous information posted in a journal can be misused as one often finds out to one's cost!

Plus I dunno if I'm all that keen on current or future employers reading my witterings, even if they are only at worst criticising the racket outside the office, y'know? Despite the fact I don't do anything immoral or illegal beyond occasionally drive at 51mph in a 50mph limit when I'm too busy paying attention to the toddlers playing football on the central reservation to watch my speedometer, I'm just not keen on such people knowing lots about my personal life, but not vice-versa. And I like to know who is reading so I can target my posts accordingly.

So, friends-only it is.

Having said that, I will add back pretty much anybody who adds me to their friends list, yes, even work colleagues, should you be cunning enough to find me here! If I've no idea who you are (whether I do know you or not!) then a vague reason somewhere, even in your own journal if you're doing a mass add, is generally appreciated although I do tend to add people back regardless if I'm sure they're not some evil enemy in disguise or a complete nutcase.. or a spam account of course.

It's all about information control or something!

If you want to know a bit more about me, read my profile. Unlike a lot of other profiles, it's actually fairly accurate and vaguely informative!
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